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Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind Changing Our Legacy for Future Generations

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Sea Fern

About The Project

The Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind project, has a proposed size of up to 2 GW, in the Pacific Ocean off the Hunter area, which is declared by the Australian Commonwealth Government for offshore renewable energy projects.

The Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind project is a collaborative effort between three partners: international floating offshore wind developer Simply Blue Group; global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services, Subsea7; one of Australia’s leading developer and long-term owner of renewable energy generation assets, Spark Renewables.

The project is currently at the inception phase of applying for a Feasibility Licence under the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act 2021.

A Feasibility Licence, if granted, will enable the project team to consult and work collaboratively with the community, businesses, and industry within a 7-year period.

A development approval would be required by 2030 to start construction, with expected operations running through to the 2060s and beyond.

Our Project

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Image Credit: Subsea7

About the Partnership

Australia is the land of the oldest surviving culture on Earth with a diversity of nature like nowhere else in the world. It has one of the world’s longest interconnected power systems. It will take experience, innovation and respect to Australian industries and communities to be taken seriously.  

This partnership was created for that very purpose: to bring together critical components and renowned expertise to manage the challenges of developing floating wind technology and realise the ambitious vision of offshore wind power in Australia.

Simply Blue Group

An early-stage developer of floating offshore wind.

Simply Blue Group is at the forefront in advancing floating offshore wind projects, which will be vital in unlocking Australia's deep-water wind resource. With an impressive portfolio of over 10 GW of floating wind underdevelopment and successful projects globally they have established themselves as pioneers in the field. Simply Blue Group also develops other blue economy projects, that might be co-located with offshore wind farms to maximise the utilisation of project sites.


Subsea7 is a trusted leader in delivering offshore projects.

Subsea7 is a trusted leader in delivering offshore projects and services for the energy industry backed by more than a decade of proven offshore wind installations and over 40 years of Australian project experience. With extensive front-end capabilities, project delivery expertise and ownership of a global, highly versatile and capable fleet of installation vessels, they provide a vital piece of the supply chain puzzle. Subsea7 has a strong track record of over 1,000 projects successfully completed and safely delivered worldwide. As a key partner in the project, Subsea7 will be integral to the delivery of Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind.

Spark Renewables

An early-stage developer of floating offshore wind.

Spark Renewables is one of Australia’s premier developers and owners of renewable energy assets, with a proven track record of delivering electricity to the grid. Spark Renewables has a substantial development portfolio spanning solar, wind and battery storage projects. With deep experience in developing onshore renewable projects, they have successfully cultivated robust partnerships with local communities in NSW. Spark Renewables brings invaluable experience to the project for navigating onshore planning requirements and delivering the power to the grid.

The Sea Fern Team

Offshore wind developments have the potential to unite communities, science, and industry in addressing climate change. They act as a catalyst, bridging traditional knowledge holders, scientists and engineers driven by the common goal of protecting the ocean ecosystem. The team remains committed to learning from the Traditional Custodians of the Land and the Sea Country.

Simply Blue Group, Subsea7 and Spark Renewables will be working with local specialist contractors to design a stakeholder engagement framework.  

The Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind team will seek to listen to and engage with communities to build and maintain a long-term relationship with Newcastle and broader New South Wales. Throughout a seven-year period, the team would consult and prepare the project to undertake the necessary studies, site investigations, and consultations; address environmental and social impacts; and obtain necessary approvals, to ensure it will be safe and viable.

Simply Blue Group and Subsea7 have worked together since 2019 to successfully develop one of Scotland’s most advanced floating offshore wind projects (the Salamander Offshore Wind Farm) and will use this experience to successfully deliver the Sea Fern project in Australia.


The SeaSapphire Team

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