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Floating platforms moored to the seabed due to water depths in the declared area. A cumulative capacity of up to 2 GW would require 100 to 135 wind turbines to be installed, depending on the technology available at the time. The final number of turbines will depend on market availability and their specifications. Output from a 2 GW project could power approximately 1 million Australian homes per year.

The turbine array design will be optimised based on various factors such as constraints, engineering design, and environmental surveys.  

Energy from each turbine would be collected through cables and linked to an offshore substation(s) for voltage conversion. Connection to onshore infrastructure would be via export cables. Part of the project would be onshore components, such as landfall sites for export cables and underground cables to connect to a transmission substation.

A suitable port or ports to be selected to serve as the staging, construction, maintenance, and operations base.

Declared Offshore Wind Zone of Pacific Off Hunter


For any questions about the project, please contact info@seafern.au

Project Goals

01 -

The Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind team will seek to listen to and engage with communities to build and maintain a long-term relationship with Newcastle and broader New South Wales. To achieve this we seek to form partnerships that are founded on common values:

  • recognition and reconciliation for First Nations
  • meaningful engagement
  • shared benefits and opportunities
  • environmental stewardship
  • long-term relationship

To demonstrate our commitment, we would engage community and organisations directly to agree and sign charters based on these values.

02 -

A Feasibility Licence, if granted, will enable the project team to consult and work collaboratively with the community, businesses, and industry. Success through this process would provide certainty of licencing required for accessing the seabed and represent the start of a long-term project. The development approval would be required by 2030 to start construction, with expected operations running through to the 2060s and beyond.

03 -

The Sea Fern Floating Offshore Wind project would support the ambitious vision of offshore wind power, new economic opportunities for coastal communities, and ‘Just Transition’ from traditional energy sources to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

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